Jonathan Bellion Debuts “Moped Girl” on Tha Juke Joint

February 2, 2011

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And Tha Juke Joint will never be the same… Jonathan Bellion hit the KCAA airwaves with his latest contribution to the world of hip-hop — “Moped Girl’.

Before the hosts of the top rated hip hop ralk show could really get into the “meat” of the song (about a girl who Bellion refers to as a ‘weirdo he used to date, but her body was so fine and she was a really great person’) it seemed the beat was too much for them to handle as the hosts jammed so hard they jumped out of their seats — right on camera!

The popular show’s host — Flex made no apologies for his obvious love of Bellion’s new single and declared “This is hot, Jonathan Bellion is hot and you heard it here , first-on the Juke Joint!”

By Sabrina Lott

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