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Complete Song List (Last Update: February 1, 2019)

Below is (almost) every Jon Bellion song. Clicking on a song (excluding ones that can be purchased) will allow you to download the song. Some listed are either crossed out, or can't be clicked. If a song is crossed out, that is because the song is lost, and can't be found online. If you can still click a song name that has been crossed out, then it will send you to proof of the songs existence. If you can't click on a song that was crossed out, that is because there is no proof to link to, which usually means that the song is listed in BMI's records as a song written by Jon Bellion, and the song is nowhere to be found.

If you have any lost songs, or any information regarding any music from Jon Bellion, please contact us atLostJonBellion@gmail.comThank you.


1 In A Billion

100 Years


Angel [For Me] To Kiss

Bad For My Health

[Possibly a Sheldon Ray song]
Bad Girl

Blah Blah Blah

Body Guard

Bootyful Question Mark

Boy Cold

Break These Walls


Bumping And Shaking

Can't Escape

Chase The Sun

Claps And Autotune For Lovers (feat. Christianne Jensen And Mylon Hayde)

Cold December

Come Back Down (Promises)

Confusing Me

Creep (feat. Beyond This Point)

Don't Be Mad

Drag Me Away

Drag Me Down

Drop Me Off Here

Dysfunctional Partnership

Fall Down

Fall In Line

Falling Into Place

First Name Basis



Get It Over With

Get Up On My Level

Girl With A Gun

Gonna Make You Want Me (feat. Beyond This Point)


Hanging Around (No Good For Me)

Hear Me Out

Heaven Tonight

High Horse


How We Fall Down

I Have A Crush (feat. Beyond This Point)

I'm So Gone

I Was Wrong

I Wonder

J.A.C.S (feat. Jae Faive)

Keep Up

Kiss My Neck

Knock Me Unconscious

Learn To Love Again

Leave It On My Pillow

Let Me Do Me (feat. Beyond This Point)

Let Me Go

Let's Have A Toast

Lips Felt

Look Both Ways

[Album name & Song]
Looking For A Place To Land

[Click for supposed tracklist]

Looking For Me

Loose Lady

Love Shakedown

Love Sick Puppy

Make Me Incredible

Meet You on Our Cloud

Memoirs Of A Genre Slut

Moped Girl

Move On (Like)

Musicians Prayer

My Favorite Part

Naked In The Rain

No Rehab For That

Not Going Home

[Proof possibly fake]
Not Now

Out Of My League

Paint My Picture


Please The Crowd

Random B.S. (feat. Jae Faive)

Remember How To Breathe

Road I Walk

Runway (feat. Samira Gibson)

Seeing Stars


She Gets Me High

Sick Of All The Pain

Slow Down

So Focused

So Gone

Somethings Gotta Give

Spare One Moment


Take A Number Get Back In Line

The Day She Learned

The Sound Your High Heels Made

This Morning

Those Damn Kids

Throw R Handz (feat. Jae Faive)



Turn It Around



Way Too Much Wine

We Belong

Whistle While You Work It

White Flag

Winter Time

Without Your Face

Woodstock (Psychedelic Fiction)

Your Sister Don't Know Me


[Released by Cody Simpson]
Back To You (Jon Bellion Demo)

[Released by MAX]
Basement Party (Jon Bellion Demo)

[Released by Mod Sun]
Beautiful Problem (Jon Bellion Demo)

[TBA by The Band Perry]
Best One Yet (Jon Bellion Demo)

Call On Me (Possible Demo)

[Released by Katharine McPhee]
Damage Control (Jon Bellion Demo)

Bebe Rexha - Die Tonight (Demo)

Don't Let Go (Possible Demo / Unreleased)

[Released by Alessandra Amoroso]
Hell Or High Water (Jon Bellion Demo)

[Released by Andy Grammer]
Holding Out (Jon Bellion Demo)

[Released by Evan Ross]
How To Live Alone (Jon Bellion Demo)

[TBA by The Band Perry]
In It Together (Jon Bellion Demo)

My Friend Jack (Possible Demo)

Redemption Song (Possible Demo)

[Released by Josh Dorr]
Run (Jon Bellion Demo)

Sirens (Possible Demo)

[Released by Timeflies]
Stuck With Me (Jon Bellion Demo)

[Released by Cody Simpson]
Surfboard (Jon Bellion Demo)

Features & Produced (Sorted by Artist name)

Blaque Keyz - Beautifully Human (prod. Jon Bellion)

Blaque Keyz - Boom Clap (prod. Jon Bellion)

Blaque Keyz - Can I Spit It! (feat. Jon Bellion, 100 Grand, and Official) [prod. by Jon Bellion and Mylon]

Blaque Keyz - Lonely2gether (feat. Samira and Jon Bellion) [prod. Jonathan Bellion]

Blaque Keyz - OhVerYorHed (prod. Jon Bellion)

Blaque Keyz - Rain On My Parade (feat. Samira and Official) [prod. by Jon Bellion]

Blaque Keyz - SCroo You

Blaque Keyz - Smooth Movin' (feat. Jon Bellion)

Blaque Keyz - Song For You (prod. Jon Bellion)

Blaque Keyz - SuperVillainThemeMuzik

Blaque Keyz - Witness Protection (feat. Beautiful Mind)

B.o.B - Violence (feat. Jon Bellion)

Brandyn Burnette - Two Thousand Twelve (prod. Jon Bellion) [EP]

C Dot Castro - The Blueprint (feat. Jon Bellion) [Prod. By OB]

Christina Aguilera - Fall In Line (feat. Demi Lovato)

DRiGO - Dance In Rain (prod. Jon Bellion)

DRiGO - When The World Freezes Over (prod. Jon Bellion)

Jordy Writes - On Our Way (feat. Guylaire & Jon Bellion)

Ka$ual - I Don't Take L's (feat. Jon Bellion)

Neon Hitch - London (feat. Jon Bellion) [(Possibly) prod. Jon Bellion]

OFFICIAL - ImACheaterrr (Cheater's Anthem) [feat. REVL TVLK & Jon Bellion]

OFFICIAL - O MY! (feat. JUNII) [prod. Jon Bellion]

ojivolta - Game Plan (feat. Jon Bellion)

Prepstarz - Upside Down (feat. Jon Bellion)

QuESt - Jon Bellion's One Way to San Diego (Outro)

Quinn XCII - Life Must Go On

REVL TVLK - Anchor Of Love (feat. Jon Bellion)

Samira Gibson - Just Not Complete (feat. Jon Bellion)

Zedd - Beautiful Now (feat. Jon Bellion)

Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1

Download Full Mixtape Here

01 The Right Direction (Intro)

02 She Knows My Heart

03 Catch Me If You Can

04 D.O.P.E

05 Let Me Know How It Goes

06 MySoulBack (feat. Samira Gibson & Blaque Keyz)

07 MakeLove!

08 DopeLittleBoy

09 Picture Frame (feat. T.J. Foscolo)

10 The Sound Of Getting Over You (feat. Mylon Hayde)

11 SomethingToRelaxTo

12 Want To Be Loved

Translations Through Speakers

Buy The Mixtape Here


02 Don't Ask Cuz I Don't Know

03 The Wonder Years

04 While You Count Sheep

05 For The Dreamers (feat. Blaque Keyz)

06 Dead Man Walking

07 Watup Snow (feat. Blaque Keyz)

08 Waves of Loneliness

09 Paper Planes

10 Timeless

The Separation

Buy The Mixtape Here

01 Eyes To The Sky

02 Jim Morrison

03 Halloween

04 2 Rocking Chairs

05 Ungrateful Eyes

06 One More Time

07 To My Future Wife...

08 A Dedicated Instrumental

09 When The Lions Come (feat. Castro, Logic, Blaque Keyz)

10 NewYorkSoul

11 Superman, The Gift And The Curse

12 Kingdom Come

The Definition

Buy The Mixtape Here

01 Munny Right

02 Carry Your Throne

03 Pre-Occupied (feat. Blaque Keyz)

04 Human

05 Run Wild

06 A Haunted House

07 Jungle

08 Simple And Sweet

09 An Immigrant

10 Ooh (feat. Christianne Jensen)

11 Luxury (feat. Audra Mae)

The Human Condition

Buy Album Here

01 He Is The Same

02 80's Films

03 All Time Low

04 New York Soul (Part II)

05 Fashion

06 Maybe IDK

07 Woke The F*ck Up

08 Overwhelming

09 Weight Of The World (feat. Blaque Keyz)

10 The Good In Me

11 Morning In America

12 iRobot

13 Guillotine (feat. Travis Mendes)

14 Hand Of God (Outro)

Glory Sound Prep

Buy Album Here

01 Conversations with my Wife

02 JT

03 Let's Begin (feat. Roc Marciano, RZA, B.Keyz & Travis Mendes)

04 Stupid Deep

05 The Internet

06 Blu

07 Adult Swim (feat. Tuamie)

08 Couples Retreat

09 Cautionary Tales

10 Mah's Joint (feat. Quincy Jones)

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